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Join a Worldwide Initiative Committed to the Revival and Preservation of Plants, Pollinators, Humanity, and Our Earth.

Our goal is to assist in planting and nurturing growth

a global campaign that promotes widespread planting and reseeding to enrich our lives today and in the future. We're dedicated to revitalizing local, small-scale agriculture and sustainable farming methods. We're here to support your journey in sowing and growing, bringing about a harvest rich in health and independence.

Explore globally sourced, organic, heirloom, and native seeds

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Embrace the Role of a Seed Steward

Unite with a worldwide community committed to exceptional seed and Earth stewardship. Together, through our words, honor, and integrity, let our Seed Steward Pledge set a new standard for care among families, farmers, communities, and humanity at large.

Programs We Offer

Join our platform to exchange unique seeds, learn from gardening experts through workshops and webinars, and transform your space with our Garden Design Consultancy. Embrace sustainability, enhance biodiversity, and cultivate a greener future with us, no matter your gardening experience.

Seed Sharing Platform

Connect with a diverse network of growers and gardeners through our Seed Sharing Platform. This service facilitates the exchange of locally adapted, organic, and heirloom seeds, allowing members to diversify their gardens with unique varieties from around the world. It’s a community-driven effort to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable gardening practices.

Gardening Workshops

Enhance your gardening skills with our series of workshops and webinars. Led by experts in regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and organic farming, these educational sessions are designed to empower you with knowledge on soil health, plant care, and eco-friendly gardening techniques. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, our workshops provide valuable insights for everyone.

Sustainable Garden Design

Transform your garden into a model of sustainability with our Garden Design Consultancy service. Our team of permaculture designers will work with you to create a garden that produces abundant, healthy food and supports local ecosystems and biodiversity. From small urban spaces to larger rural areas, we offer tailored solutions to meet your gardening goals and promote environmental stewardship.

“Our existence is fueled by the dedication of growers, seed keepers, and caretakers who have spanned millennia. Every individual who has protected seeds with their love, purpose, and life is deeply appreciated. With sincere gratitude, we honor each one. The sacred narratives of seeds are crucial in shaping a new era alongside our earth.”

Deanna Davied
Seed Savers Participant

Cultivate Your Garden, Cultivate the Future

Our platform invites you to swap heirloom and organic seeds, gain wisdom from our regenerative agriculture workshops, and design eco-friendly spaces with professional consultancy.ย 

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Joining is simple! Visit our website to sign up for updates, access our resources, and participate in community activities. Everyone is welcome to contribute to our cause.

It’s a comprehensive online database featuring locally adapted, open-pollinated, organic, heirloom, native, and landrace seeds from around the world, intended to promote biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

Yes, we welcome contributions from individuals and organizations. Please contact us through our website for guidelines on how to share your seeds with the global community.

Our Seed Exchange allows members to swap seeds with others. It’s designed to facilitate the sharing of diverse, quality seeds to encourage local growing and biodiversity.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of resources, including guides on starting your garden, workshops on regenerative agriculture, and tips for small-scale growing and permaculture practices.

Supporting pollinators is integral to our mission. We provide information on pollinator-friendly plants, creating habitats, and other actions you can take to protect and nurture pollinator populations in your area.

Together, anything is possible

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